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Pocket Player Plugins & Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK Instructions

To Submit Plugins: If you have plugins for submission into the gallery, please attach it to an email. Please include what information you would like to be associated with the work (title, name, email, description, etc). See the skin developer documentation for information on how to create skins, and the header files of the SDK for information on plugin development.


Below is a list of available plugins for Pocket Player. Simply download and extract the plugin from the links below, and copy the plugin (DLL) to your Pocket Player install folder, via the Explore function in ActiveSync. The install folder is "\Program Files\Conduits\Pocket Player" by default.

To develop your own plugin, download the SDK for Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++. Also included in the SDK is a desktop skin utility that will assist in creating skins.

Pocket Player Decoder Plugins
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) Decoder 1.24 (Conduits)

This plugin enables the playback of audio files compressed with the FLAC codec, which is a lossless compression which retains all the audio quality of the original media.
MOD (Module) Decoder (Conduits/MikMod)

This plugin enables the playback of "module" audio files, auch as MOD, XM, IT, and S3M files, which are small audio files widely available. Source code is available in the SDK.
Bassmod Plugin (Keygenmusic)

Bassmod decoder to play tracker modules.
Monkey's Audio APE Decoder 1.1 (Conduits)

This plugin enables Pocket Player to play back Monkey's Audio (.APE) files. More information on these files is available at the Monkey's Audio website.
Musepack MPC Decoder 1.2 (Conduits)

This plugin enables Pocket Player to play back Musepack (.MPC) files. More information on these files is available at the Musepack website.
Conduits Image (Metadata Only) Decoder 1.0 (Conduits)

This plugin enables image files to be found by the media library. Images can then be served to other devices using the UPnP plugin. A future version of Pocket Player will have image viewing capabilities.
Pocket Player General Plugins
Conduits WMP Plugin Adapter 2.31 (Conduits)

This plugin enables Pocket Player to 'host' plugins that are originally designed for Windows Media Player 10 for Windows Mobile. Many plugins simply control playback, such as the Bluetooth A2DP/AVRCP plugin on WM5 devices. Other times, more features and controls are utilized, such as the plugin for Microsoft Voice Command. The plugin also synchronizes your ratings and play counts from Windows Media Player!

HTC TouchFLO 3D users: if you have disabled TouchFLO 3D on your Today screen, this plugin is required to enable AVRCP support in Pocket Player. After installing, check the "Intercept WMP" and "HTC WMP" boxes on the Menu > More > Options > Plugins > WM Adapter > Configure screen.
Conduits UPnP Plugin 3.01 (Conduits)

Conduits UPnP Plugin: adds networked media browsing and playback accessible from the Browser. Pocket Player acts as a UPnP AV Media Renderer, Server, and Controller all in one. Used to allow Pocket Player to stream content from UPnP servers such as Windows Media Connect. To serve images from your device, install the Image Decoder plugin.
"Now Playing" Plugin (Conduits)

Pops up an indicator when working in other applications as to the current song title, at the beginning of the song. Tap the left edge of the bar to go back; tap the right edge of the bar to advance.
A-B Repeat Plugin (Conduits)

This plugin adds items to the menu, whereby you can set 'A' and 'B' points in a track, and have Pocket Player repeat that section of a track over and over.
Two-Device BT Remote (Conduits)

This plugin allows you to use the Conduits BT Remote utility with Pocket Player -- allowing you to run Pocket Player on one Windows Mobile device, and use the Remote utility on another Windows Mobile device to control playback. Documentation is currently available at the Pocket Slides website.
T-Mobile SDA Button Launcher (Conduits)

For the T-Mobile SDA Smartphone only: this collection of files should be placed in your \Windows folder. After copying, run PocketPlayerLaunch.exe from your device's File Explorer (to authorize its use). After doing so, pressing the Back, Play/Pause, and Next buttons on your phone will launch and control Pocket Player. Note: The European SDA Music model works differently and requires the steps outlined here.
Folder Navigation 1.1 (Conduits)

For Pocket Player 2.X. Adds two large buttons - "Previous Album" and "Next Album" - to the main interfact, to enhance Pocket Player's track navigation. Instead of advancing just one track, it jumps to the next (or previous) folder-worth of tracks. This is useful if you have your music stored by album (\Storage\Music\Artist\Album\Tracks.ext) and want to navigate from album to album.
Conduits ID3 Chapters Plugin 1.2 (Conduits)

This plugin adds support for the ID3v2 Chapters specification, complete with table of contents, chapter artwork support. Adds menu items to the Seek menu.
Voicemail Plugin 1.2 (Conduits)

This plugin adds a "Voicemail" choice in the Browser, and scans your Inbox (or other mail folders) for messages with WAV attachments. It lets you browse them by date, listen to them with random access, and adds a Call Back menu command.
Audioscrobber Plugin 1.33 (Conduits)

This plugin interfaces with the Last.fm website, and allows Pocket Player to keep track of your listening habits, and when connected, send your listened tracks to the Audioscrobbler service.
Pocket Player Visualization Plugins
(None Available)

Pocket Player is bundled with several visualizations; however, there are currently no additional visualization plugins available. Source code to create new visualizations is available in the SDK.
Pocket Player DSP Plugins
Pitch/Echo/Stereo Wide DSP (Conduits)

This plugin allows for the pitch (speed) of the song to be increased or decreased, as well as an Echo effect be placed on the audio output. A third DSP is provided which can adjust Stereo Wide separation. Source code is available in the SDK.
Boost/Filter DSP (Conduits)

This plugin is bundled with Pocket Player, and permits Bass Boost and other simple frequency functions (Frequency Mute, etc). Version 1.1 fixes a problem where the frequency and gain were not saved correctly.
Replay Gain DSP (Conduits)

This plugin attenuates the volume of tracks based on the Replay Gain information stored in the track. More information is available at the Replay Gain website.
Stretch DSP 1.1 (Conduits)

This plugin allows for the speed of the song to be increased or decreased, without altering the pitch of the music. Source code is available by request (dsp_stretch uses the LGPL SoundTouch library).

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