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Notes From The Inside December 2002

Winter and the Holiday Season is upon us! We hope everyone has safe and happy holiday celebrations!

News on Conduits:

Pocket Artist has WON the "Best Graphic Design/Drawing" software at the 2002 Pocket PC Awards!

Pocket Slides has WON the "Best PowerPoint and Presentation" software at the 2002 Pocket PC Awards!

The Holiday Party will be very merry this year!!

News on Products:

Pocket Artist 2.5 has been released! Version 2.5 builds upon the strong core drawing functionality of Pocket Artist by incorporating new image manipulation features. New tools are introduced to manipulate sections of the image by way of drawing onscreen, and new commands are added for manipulating whole sections of the image at once.

Pocket Album 1.21 has been released, which fixes the Edit Picture integration with Pocket Artist 2.5. With version 1.21, you can now seamlessly edit pictures with Pocket Artist, direct from Pocket Album.

Timekeeper 1.01 now offers increased resilience in battery level detection, resulting in the device waking up reliably!

Pocket IP 1.02 now offers an enhanced CIDR dialog, for more fine-grained control over Internet Protocol address subnetting!

Looking Ahead...

A brand new Conduits website! All new features! All new product releases! Watch out!

January 2003 will see a new photo product make itself known - make sure you are sitting down for this one!

A long awaited version of Pocket Player in Q1 of 2003.

TaskSwitcher and Pocket Launcher fans - we have not forgotten you! Stay tuned!

If you would like to see your ideas become part of these updates, please send an email to updates@conduits.com and I will forward them ASAP to the dev team.

And, as always, we welcome your comments. Want a new Pocket PC product? Want a specific product update? Speak up! Email updates@conduits.com and be heard!


Warm regards for a safe and happy holiday season,

Carrie Hall

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