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Notes From The Inside March 2004

Spring is around the corner, and the sun is warming Tampa Bay once again. After a very productive winter planning period, Conduits has some news to share with you!

News on Conduits:

Conduits is extremely honored to be the subject of a developer profile by Microsoft. CEO Jason Patterson and COO/Public Relations Director Carrie Hall were interviewed for the piece, available here:


News on Products:

Pocket Launcher 2.1 has been released and is bigger and badder than ever. New features include split views, VGA support, icon size support and much, much more! Download a 30-day evaluation copy from the Pocket Launcher website.

Looking Ahead...

Pocket Slides 2.0 will take a bow in the coming months with intense new features. Concurrent with its release will be some enterprise and security software. We don't want to say too much too soon!

Version 2.0 debuts of Peacemaker Pro, Pocket Watch, and Pocket Album are all scheduled for release this year. Stay tuned for feature lists!

And most excitedly, look out for Pocket Artist 3.0!

If you would like to see your ideas become part of these updates, please send an email to updates@conduits.com and I will forward them ASAP to the dev team.

And, as always, we welcome your comments. Want a new Pocket PC product? Want a specific product update? Speak up! Email updates@conduits.com and be heard!

All the best,

Carrie Hall

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