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Jason Patterson, Conduits Technologies Inc.
(850) 523-0426
email: patters@conduits.com

Conduits Technologies Inc. Releases Four Freeware Applications; 
Changes Product Names

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, November 1, 1999 -- Conduits Technologies Inc. 
announced today the release of four freeware applications for 
Windows CE Palm-size PCs: Today, Mirror, Yes, and Validate.

'Today' addresses a problem inherent with the built-in calendar 
application of Windows CE -- the fact that pressing the button
does not go to today.  By binding 'Today' to the Calendar button,
tapping the button will launch Calendar and forces it to view
the current day.  

The 'Mirror' application causes the display to assume a mirror-like 
appearance, filling the screen with black, at which point reflections 
can be seen.

'Yes' is a utility that bypasses "Yes/No" dialogs generated by 
the system when a CompactFlash card is inserted into the device.
Windows CE prompts the user if they want to use the card on battery
power -- 'Yes' automatically answers affirmative to such prompts.

Finally, 'Validate' solves another CompactFlash card problem.  
If the user has multiple CompactFlash cards with a number of
programs installed on the different cards, Windows CE will always
show all the applications on the Start Menu at the same time, no
matter if the real applications are present (on the current card)
or absent (on a card not in the device).  The 'Validate' application 
solves this problem: whenever a card is inserted or removed, the 
menu hierarchy is "validated" and shortcuts to those applications 
that are not accessible are hidden from the menu.

Recently, Conduits has changed the names of several of its products.  
PalmBrowser will now be known as Pocket Browser (which is also in a 
version 1.52 release).  PalmPlayer is now known as Pocket Player, 
NonoPalm is now known as NonoPocket, PalmFlash has been renamed to 
PocketFlash, and PalmKeys is now known as Keys.

SOURCE: Conduits Technologies Inc.
CONTACT: Jason Patterson at 850-523-0426 or email patters@conduits.com

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