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Jason Patterson, Conduits Technologies, Inc.
(850) 523-0426
email: patters@conduits.com

Conduits Technologies, Inc. Releases Pocket Watch for
Pocket PC

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, August 15, 2000 -- Conduits Technologies, Inc.
announced today the release of Pocket Watch 1.0 for Pocket PC.
Pocket Watch is an interactive world clock application for the
Windows-powered Pocket PC.

Pocket Watch presents the user with a world view of daylight 
information.  A world map with a moving "night boundary" separates 
areas of daytime and nighttime.  The boundary moves right to left
as the day elapses, and changes shape as the year progresses 
(approaching flatness on the equinoxes).  The picture is 
"skinnable" in that different representations for the image
of the world can be used (when downloaded into the device).

By tapping on the world map, one may find the time information of the 
city closest to the tap location.  This permits quick lookups of 
global time data for over 470 preloaded cities. Below the world map 
are four world time clocks that present current time conditions for 
any of cities.  The day, time, and daylight savings time information 
is present.  At the bottom are four clock buttons which represent four 
groups of time indicators, giving the user a total of sixteen 
different world time clocks.

Pocket Watch also offers sunrise and sunset times for a location 
on any date.  Four categories of this information are available:  
sunrise and sunset, civil twilight, nautical twilight, and 
astronomical twilight -- each referring to different positions 
of the sun below the horizon.  A city editor for adding custom 
cities (with their location and timezone) is present as well.

Pocket Watch 1.0 is available for $14.95 from http://www.conduits.com.  
More information, including a full list of features, world skins, and 
screenshots, can be found at the Pocket Watch website at 

Conduits develops several commercial applications for Pocket PC,
including Peacemaker (a cross-platform infrared exchange 
utility), Pocket Artist (a drawing and image manipulation program
for Pocket PC) and Pocket Launcher (an application launcher for 
Pocket PC).  Conduits also hosts several open source efforts, 
such as Pocket Spark.

SOURCE: Conduits Technologies, Inc.
CONTACT: Jason Patterson at 850-523-0426 or email patters@conduits.com

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