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January 27, 2003 - New Conduits.com Website Launched, With Enhanced Functionality

Ten New Website Features

  1. Mobile Version
  2. Downloadable CAB Files
  3. Support Knowledge Base
  4. Search Website
  5. Dynamic Products Page
  6. Community Forum
  7. Product FAQs
  8. Downloadable Documentation
  9. Purchasing Information
  10. Conduits Activation Service


Most announcements of new website launches are simply celebrating a new graphic design or set of templates that house a website's content. The 2003 launch of the new www.conduits.com is quite different. In addition to a refinement in its look and feel, ten separate information and functionality upgrades to the website have been completed, and are listed at the left.

The website is now viewable via a Pocket PC or other mobile device connected to the Internet. Simply point your Pocket PC browser at www.conduits.com and the site will reformat itself for mobile viewing.

CAB files are now posted so that the user can bypass the usual method of product delivery (a desktop EXE installer), and simply download files (CAB device installers) that they can download directly to their mobile device. The CAB download page is searchable by product name, device type, or device model.

A compendium of Knowledge Base articles is now online and is searchable. This section of the website contains FAQ items and how-tos, and will be continuously updated by Conduits to reflect new questions as they arise.

The website contents are now searchable, so that the user can find answers to their support questions easier. The user can search the website, the Knowledge Base, or just product documentation.

The products page is now dynamic: the user can show only products that will work on a class of device, as well as list the products by function, such as "show me all Pocket PC products used for imaging".

A Conduits community forum has been created for public, interactive questions and answers, as well as general product and technology discussion relating to mobile devices, our software products, or Pocket PC in general.

Frequently Asked Questions for each product are now listed on each product's support page, such as this page for Pocket Slides. This is a quick and easy list for those that do not wish to browse or search the Knowledge Base.

Documentation for various products are now indexed and are downloadable from a central location. Documentation is available in DOC (Word), PDF (Acrobat), and LIT (Reader) formats, for download to the desktop or mobile device.

By request, information for purchasing our products in bulk, as well as a list of our resellers, is now available.

Information on the rollout of the Conduits Activation Service, which handles our product delivery for our Enterprise customers, is available. CAS provides a method of product registration that foregoes manually-entered registration codes in favor of a web-based activation method.

Conduits appreciates any and all feedback regarding the website, by email to feedback@conduits.com.

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