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Conduits Technologies, Inc. Announces iScratch Myself 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Pictured, from left: picture selector; gameplay screen; leaderboard.
More screenshots are available at the iScratch Myself website.

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NEW YORK, New York - November 23, 2009 - Award-winning Windows Mobile software house Conduits Technologies, Inc., announced today the release of iScratch Myself 1.0, its first foray into iPhone application development. iScratch Myself is a humorous picture and target-based game for fun-loving folks of all ages.

iScratch Myself allows you, the fun-seeker, to choose from our pre-installed photos, a new camera image, or any photo from your photo library to initiate gameplay. The chosen picture will then present targets that you must "scratch" off, all the while enjoying the corresponding male, female, cat or dog noises that accompany each photo, and earning points and achievements. There are two modes of gameplay: Beginner (when you want to slow your roll and just chill out) and Expert (when you really have an itch, but want a challenge).

As you advance through the levels and complete each mode, new pictures and sounds will be unlocked, and a trophy will be awarded at the end of each game! You can also submit your high scores to our global leaderboard, which is viewable on the device and http://www.iscratchmyself.com. Additionally, if Web 2.0 and social networking is a big deal for you, iScratch Myself has been configured to automatically send status updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, letting your friends and followers know exactly what you've been up to!

Conduits designed iScratch Myself to be more than just another game to beat and a high score to earn along with bragging rights on Twitter and Facebook; iScratch Myself is meant to make you laugh, and give you something to do in your downtime. Why else would we include a fork, an ear swab, a pencil, a spatula and a toothbrush other than to be funny, right?

iScratch Myself 1.0 is now available for $0.99 at http://www.iscratchmyself.com/buynow, and the iTunes App Store where you can locate it under the 'iscratch' search term.

For more information, including screenshots and a global score leaderboard, visit the iScratch Myself website at http://www.iscratchmyself.com.

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Conduits develops commercial applications for Windows Mobile and iPhone, including the award-winning Pocket Player (an alternative media player), Pocket Slides (a fully-featured presentation solution), Pocket Artist (a drawing and image manipulation program) and seven other Windows Mobile products.

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For further information on iScratch Myself 1.0, or to receive a review copy, contact:
Carrie Hall
Conduits Technologies, Inc.
Telephone: (212) 248-5730
Fax: (212) 248-5794
E-mail: carrie@conduits.com

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