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FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Carrie Hall, Conduits Technologies, Inc. 
(850) 523-0426 Email: carrie@conduits.com

Conduits Technologies, Inc. Releases Pocket Slides 1.6 for the Windows 
Powered Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, and Handheld PC 2000.

TALLAHASSEE - June 25, 2002 - Conduits Technologies, Inc. announced 
today the release of Pocket Slides 1.6, a fully featured presentation 
solution for the Windows Powered Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, 
and most recently, Handheld PC 2000 class of mobile devices.

Pocket Slides enables users to create, edit, view or give presentations 
using a mobile device. Existing presentations from Microsoft® 
PowerPoint® may be copied to the device with the aid of the drag-and-
drop conversion that Pocket Slides offers.  Pocket Slides incorporates 
all the animations, transitions, and shapes of Microsoft® 

With the use of a peripheral VGA card attached to the Pocket PC, Pocket 
Slides enables the device to connect with a projector system, thus 
alleviating the need for laptops.  Pocket Slides will simultaneously 
show the presentation onto the Pocket PC and the video display.  Pocket 
Slides also supports the attachment of a serial mouse, or remote 
pointing tool to the Pocket PC, thereby enabling the speaker to be a 
distance away from the Pocket PC while presenting.  

Pocket Slides 1.6 improves upon the speed of earlier versions, using an 
optimized rendering engine for presentations, offering up to a tenfold 
increase in loading and presentation speeds. Animations and transitions 
take advantage of these optimizations, resulting in higher framerates.

Pocket Slides 1.6 also includes a predictive memory allocation engine.  
Before loading or presenting a slide show, Pocket Slides will confirm 
that enough free program memory is available on the device to show a 
presentation in its entirety, thus permitting users to present with the 
confidence that last-minute memory warnings will not corrupt the display 
of their presentation during a slide show.

The editing capability of Pocket Slides allows the user to tailor a 
presentation to their audience on-the-go, or to create one without the 
need of a desktop computer.  After converting an existing presentation 
or creating a new one, the user can add or delete slides; add, delete, 
or edit shapes and text on slides; and edit the properties of the 
presentation such as animation settings and custom slide shows.  After 
editing a presentation on the device, the user can convert the Pocket 
Slides document (.CPT) back into PowerPoint format (.PPT).  

Pocket Slides is available for $39.95 from http://www.conduits.com.  
More information, including a full list of features, documentations and 
screenshots can be found at the Pocket Slides website at: 

Information on the Colorgraphic Voyager VGA line of Pocket PC 2002 
expansion cards is available at http://www.colorgraphic.net.  

Margi Presenter-to-Go information is available at http://www.margi.com.  

Information on the LifeView FlyJacket is available at 

Conduits develops commercial applications for Pocket PC, including 
Peacemaker (a cross-platform infrared exchange utility), Pocket Artist 
(a drawing and image manipulation program for Pocket PC) and Pocket 
Album (a photo album and picture frame program for Pocket PC).  Conduits 
also hosts several open source efforts, such as Pocket Spark.  

Pocket Slides is a trademark of Conduits Technologies, Inc..  
Microsoft®, PowerPoint® and/or Microsoft® PowerPoint® are trademarks or 
registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States 
and/or other countries.  Other product or service names mentioned herein 
are the trademarks of their respective owners.

SOURCE: Conduits Technologies Inc. 
CONTACT: Carrie Hall at 850-523-0426 or email carrie@conduits.com

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