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Jason Patterson, Conduits Technologies, Inc.
(850) 523-0426
email: patters@conduits.com

Conduits Technologies, Inc. announces Peacemaker 1.0 to be
bundled in ROM of HP Jornada 540 series devices

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, April 19, 2000 -- Conduits Technologies, Inc. 
announced today a partnership with The Hewlett Packard Company
for inclusion of Peacemaker 1.0 in the ROM of their Jornada 540
series Pocket PC devices. Peacemaker is a cross-platform infrared 
transfer utility for Pocket PC.

Peacemaker, allows users to beam their business cards to users running 
on other platforms, such as Palm OS® or Psion® devices, without installing 
additional utilities onto the other device.  

Peacemaker integrates into the Contacts application of the Pocket PC.
It functions as an add-in utility, adding choices to the Tools menu.
When the user selects one or more entries in the Contacts application, 
followed by the "Beam Selected" menu item, entries will be queued 
for beaming to the other device.  Through the Tap-and-Hold stylus 
method introduced on the Pocket PC, one may beam a specific contact.  
By tapping and dragging on a range of items, multiple contacts are 
selected and can be beamed.

The Card Exchange menu command works differently -- it beams the
same card every time.  When this item is activated, the intent is 
to "exchange business cards" with another user.  The interface is 
a depiction of a business card with the name of the selected contact
on it.  The card choice is persistent between sessions, but the 
interface also allows for the user to select a new card.

While Peacemaker is active, the Pocket PC is set up to receive a 
beam from a Palm OS® or Psion® device in the background, asynchronously, 
by receiving the information and prompting the user to import the 
contact(s) received into the Pocket PC Contacts database.  As before, 
there is no additional software that has to be installed on the other 
(Palm OS® or Psion®) device.

Peacemaker 1.0 will be bundled in all HP Jornada 540 series Pocket PC
devices.  More information, including a full list of features, 
licensing information, and future plans, can be found at the 
Peacemaker website at http://www.conduits.com/ce/peacemaker/.  

Conduits develops several commercial applications for Pocket PC,
including Pocket Artist (a drawing and image manipulation program
for Pocket PC) and Pocket Player (an MP3 player for Pocket PC).  Conduits 
also has several open source efforts, such as Pocket Flash. 

PALM OS and PALM COMPUTING are U.S. registered trademarks 
of Palm Computing, Inc.   PSION is a registered trademark of Psion Plc. 

SOURCE: Conduits Technologies, Inc.
CONTACT: Jason Patterson at 850-523-0426 or email patters@conduits.com

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