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Pocket Artist Reviews
Nov 2005Conduits Pocket Artist 3.1 by Clinton Fitch, ClintonFitch.com (Pocket Artist 3.1)
Pocket Artist is a full-scale, highly flexible and tool laden image editor, creator, capturer and viewer.

Oct 2004Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2004 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Artist wins Best Graphic Design Software Program

Dec 2003Pocket Artist 2.7 (French) by Spads, ppcreviews.net
An in-depth French review (English translation here) covering many of the new features in version 2.7, including many screenshots and commentary: "Très nombreuses possibilités."

Dec 2003Pocket Artist 2.7 by Artem Kutikov, pyrogamer.com
This is everything you could want to edit your images.

Nov 2003Pocket Artist 2.7 by JongJungBu, pocketmatrix.com
Overall, Pocket Artist is a great program to have--especially for those avid users of Adobe Photoshop. Using a stylus or pen to manipulate images is so much easier than using a mouse.

Oct 2003Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2003 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Artist wins Best Graphic Design Software Program

Jan 2003Pocket PC Award Winners 2002 by PocketPCMag.com (Pocket Artist 2)
Pocket Artist is the winner in the Graphics Design/Drawing category under Multimedia.

Dec 2002Pocket Artist 2.5 Reviewed by Matthew Miller, PocketPCLife.co.uk (Pocket Artist 2.5)
The program itself is outstanding and if you are an artist or graphic designer

Nov 2002Pocket Artist by Clinton Fitch, SimplyHPC.com (Pocket Artist 2)
In using Pocket Artist, I have found it to be head-and-shoulders above the rest of the graphics editing applications available for Handheld PCs. Many do not offer the ability to manipulate or edit photos or, at best, are very limited.

Sep 2002Pre-operative Imaging on a Pocket PC by Dr. David Shuter, PocketPCMag.com
Use of Pocket Artist in the area of Plastic Surgery

Sep 2002Pocket Artist 2.03 by Anthony Newman, Infosync.no (Pocket Artist 2.03)
These programs offer feature-sets on a par with desktop rivals such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, and seem to enable a whole new world of pocket artistry.

May 2002Paint Programs for Pocket PC by Lisa G., PDABuyersGuide.com
An all-around capable program that works well for painting as well as image editing. If you're a Photoshop person, you'll love the built-in support for Photoshop brushes, .PSD files and layers. This is one of my personal favorites thanks to the un-cluttered interface, Photoshop support, number of brushes you can add and a good selection of filters.

Jan 2002Pocket PC Award Winners 2001 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Artist is a Finalist in the Graphics/Design Drawing category

Nov 2001Conduits Pocket Artist 1.21 by Kevin Murdock, WiredGuy.com (Pocket Artist 1.21)
This is the best Graphic program that I have used, by far, on the PocketPC. You don't have to be Stephen Hawking to learn it, nor is it a box of crayons.

May 2000My Top 5 Pocket PC Applications by Richard Kettner, PocketPCMag.com (Pocket Artist 1.14)
Another great application by Conduits (www.conduits.com), Pocket Artist v.1.14 is a portable office for the graphic artist.

Apr 2000Pocket Artist by Julie Strietelmeier, The-Gadgeteer.com (Pocket Artist 1.14)
This is a must for people that want an extremely portable image editor and full featured drawing package.

Dec 1999Pocket Artist by Conduits by Bo Lorentzen, WinceCity.com
Go and down load the demo today, even if you are not a photographer, this is a software which is GREAT fun to play with, sit down with a cup of java, and start playing with the cool features, I am pretty positive you will have fun, just like I did.

Pocket Artist by PCDemano.com
Spanish review for Pocket Artist

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