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The most current version of Peacemaker is 1.2.

Email support@conduits.com for Peacemaker support.

To upgrade to newer versions, simply download and install the new trial version and the upgrade will be seamless.

Features and User Guide
Peacemaker is a cross-platform Infrared transfer utility for Pocket PC. Windows CE cannot inherentely beam contact information to devices that run Palm OSŪ. With Peacemaker, users may beam their business cards to users running on the other platform, without any added utilities having to be installed on the Palm OSŪ device.

Peacemaker integrates itself into the Contacts application of the Pocket PC. There are two menu items that are normally not present on the Tools popup menu: Beam Selected and Card Exchange.

When the user selects one or more entries in the Contacts application, and then chooses the Beam Selected menu item, the entries in question will be queued for beaming to a Palm OSŪ device. Through the Tap-and-Hold stylus method introduced on the Pocket PC, one may beam a specific contact. By tapping and dragging on a range of items, multiple contacts are selected and can be beamed.

The Card Exchange menu command works a bit differently -- it beams the same card every time. When this item is activated, the intent is really to "exchange business cards" with a Palm OSŪ user. The interface is simply a depiction of a business card with the name of the selected contact (that will act as the business card) on it. The card choice is persistent between sessions. The interface also allows for the user to select a new card.

In both cases, the Pocket PC is also set up to recieve a beam from a Palm OSŪ device. In that event, the Pocket PC receives the information and then prompts the user to import the contact(s) received into the Pocket PC Contacts database. Also, the option to close Peacemaker after the transfer is complete is also present.

Due to the limitations of the Palm OSŪ, certain fields present in the Pocket PC will not be transferred over to the Palm OSŪ device. For instance, Palm OSŪ only stores one address block, while Pocket PC can store work and home addresses. If both work and home addresses are present in an entry, Peacemaker will prompt the user as to decide which address the user would like to beam. The complete list of fields supported in both ways of transfer is: first name, last name, title, company, email, home telephone, fax number, pager number, mobile number, address, city, state, zip code, country, and notes (text, not ink).

With Peacemaker Professional, beaming appointments and tasks is just as easy. The Tools menus of the applications have menu items entitled "Peacemaker" which will beam the selected item(s), or, if no items are selected, launch Peacemaker in "beam receive only" mode. To beam notes or files, use the Peacemaker shortcut on the Programs menu as the Notes application doesn't have plugin capabilities.

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