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Pocket Slides Reviews
Nov 2004Conduits Pocket Slides v2.0 by Russ Smith, PocketNow.com (Pocket Slides 2.0)
... greatly improved with the latest version. I'm very pleased with the capabilities, ease of use, and overall speed of the program.

Oct 2004Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2004 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Slides wins Best Power Point and Presentation Software Program

Mar 2004Mission Impossible? by Tim Hillebrand, pocketpcmag.com (Pocket Slides 1.8)
My mission, and I chose to accept it, was to use my Pocket PC to keep in touch with the world and to conduct business while on an extended road trip

Oct 2003Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2003 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Slides wins Best Power Point and Presentation Software Program

Oct 2003Pocket Slides 1.72 by Clinton Fitch, clintonfitch.com
PDF Review of Pocket Slides 1.72 for Handheld PC 2000 devices.

Jan 2003http://www.todopocketpc.com/awards_votos.asp by TodoPocketPC.com
Pocket Slides wins Best Power Point Presentation Program

Jan 2003Pocket PC Award Winners 2002 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Slides is the winner in the PowerPoint and Presentation category under Multimedia.

Sep 2002PowerPoint v kapse by Karol Kameniczki, PalmServer.cz
Czechoslovakian review of Pocket Slides

Aug 2002Presenting on the go with Pocket Slides 1.5 by Jason Dunn, PocketPCThoughts.com (Pocket Slides 1.5)
Pocket Slides is one of the richest applications available today on the Pocket PC it offers a staggering array of options and features. Ill only cover the critical parts of the software in this review, because it would take twice as much space to really get into what Pocket Slides can do. This application is worth the price even its closest competitor cant match the features offered by Pocket Slides. An application like this has three components: converting, editing, and presenting.

May 2002A Day in the Life of a Pocket PC-Carrying MD by Nilay Shah, M.D., PocketPCMag.com
Doctor who uses Pocket Slides to give Presentations in the medical workplace

Apr 2002Pocket Slides, visor y editor de presentaciones PowerPoint by Eddy Benalal, MiPCDelBolsillo.com
Spanish review of Pocket Slides

Mar 2002Playing and Displaying Your PowerPoint Presentation by Andy Ventress, PocketPCMag.com
The really unique and tremendous feature of Pocket Slides is that it allows the user to create slides right on the Pocket PC.

Jan 2002Pocket PC Award Winners 2001 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Slides is a Finalist in the Powerpoint and Presentation category

Sep 2001Powerpointing to the Future by Jared Miniman, PocketNow.com
I love Pocket Slides! With by far the fullest support of all-things PowerPoint, Pocket Slides is the must-have application for every road warrior, even if the concept of handheld presentations seems far-fetched. I'm here to say that the Pocket Slides solution is a reality.

Sep 2001Pocket Slides by Alan Barlow, FoxPop.ndirect.co.uk
I would guess that Conduits thought long and hard about the complexity of this program and possibly thought about issuing a much more cut-down version it would have saved a lot of development time and effort and I applaud Conduits for not relenting with this product until it was exactly right. 5 out of 5 Stars;

Jun 2001Killer App for the PPC? by PsionAdviser, Geek.com
a review of Pocket Slides

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