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Registration Assistance

Registration: Common Problems

When you register, please enter in the five digit ID number shown in the Help->Registration screen onto the "Owner Information" field on the ordering page. If you did not do so, please email support@conduits.com after Registration with the ID number, your Order Number and name of product in question.

Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

  • My ID number is 00000. What does this mean?

    The ID number 00000 indicates that your device's Owner Information is not set properly. If possible, please do so, and send the resulting ID number so that we can generate a valid registration code.

  • I downloaded the program after purchasing and it's coming up as a demo. Why?

    Conduits products are all trial downloadables which are unlocked with registration codes. Upon purchasing, you should have received instructions to the email address you specified at the time of purchase.

  • I see you have a new version of the program. Can I get a free upgrade?

    Yes, 1.X upgrades are free. Simply download and install the new version of the program -- the upgrade will be seamless.

  • My five digit ID number keeps changing. Why?

    The ID number is generated from what you have as your name set in Owner Information (under Start->Settings). If this was changed to something different on your device (for example, having a middle initial when before you didn't have a middle initial set, or vice versa), or is not set at all, the ID number will be different and the code will not work. If you set everything to be the same as before, the old codes should work.

  • I am going to be switching devices soon, do I get a free upgrade when I switch?

    Yes. In most cases, your old code will work on the new machine. If for any reason it does not work, reply again to the Conduits email (or mail support@conduits.com with your original purchasing information) with the new ID number off the registration screen.

  • I had to hard reset the device and my code is not working. What can I do?

    Reply to the email we sent you with your code, or mail support@conduits.com with your original purchasing information explaining your situation.

  • See more articles on this topic in the Conduits Knowledge Base.

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