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Pocket DOOM 1.0 Beta for Palm-size PCs

Pocket DOOM beta 1 for the Casio Cassiopeia E-100 series Palm-size PC. Currently this version only works on the E-100/E-105/E-500/E-503/E-505. The DOOM1.WAD file is needed to be installed into the same directory as the EXE, and may be downloaded here. The screen is rotated and optimized for the P/PC. Some buttons on the toolbar are not implemented yet. Keys:
  • Pad up / Rocker up: turn right
  • Pad down / Rocker down: turn left
  • Pad Left: move forward
  • Pad Right: move backward
  • Tap Screen: fire
  • Press Action: simulates 'ESC' key (brings up menu)
  • Press Exit: simlulates 'Enter' key (to start new game and open doors)
  • Exit icon: Quits DOOM
Requires around 9MB of free program memory to run. WAD file and EXE require about 4.5MB of storage memory.
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