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Interface 1.1 for Palm-size PCs

Gives your Wyvern P/PC a new look!

Not recommended when running TaskSwitcher.
Intended for Wyvern P/PCs only, untested on Gryphons or H/PCs. Cool wallpaper found at d-top. Put this in your \Windows\Start Menu\ directory to aid in navigation.

  • Tap program icon to bring up start menu
  • Tap program title to go to start menu explorer
  • Drag up on program title to bring up running apps
  • Tap C to go to start menu explorer and back
  • Drag up on C to bring up Interface commands
  • Drag left on C to show/hide system tray
  • Tap SIP icon (keyboard) to pop up input method
  • Tap up arrow to bring up list of input methods
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