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Pocket Artist Filters & Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK Instructions

To Submit Filters If you have filters for submission into the gallery, please attach it to an email. Please include what information you would like to be associated with the work (title, name, email, description, etc). See the header files of the SDK for information on filter development.


Below is a list of available filters for Pocket Artist. Simply download and extract the plugin from the links below, and copy the plugin (AFP file) to your Pocket Artist install folder, via the Explore function in ActiveSync. The install folder is "\Program Files\Conduits\Pocket Artist" by default.

Note that since Pocket Artist runs on multiple architectures, such as ARM, MIPS, and SH3 processors, you must copy the correct AFP file to your device. For all Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices, it is the ARM-based file that is needed.

To develop your own plugin using Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++, download the SDK via the links to the left.

Sample Filters
Sample filter pack and SDK
(Bundled with Pocket Artist)
by Conduits
This download contains example filters to illustrate development of filters for Pocket Artist. It contains four filters: Randomize, Mosaic, Fragment, and a Gamma-corrected Grayscale filter. Source code is available in the SDK.
File Format Plugins
JPEG2000 Codec
by Conduits
This plugin enables Pocket Artist to read and write JPEG2000 images. Specifically, JPEG2000/Part-1 images, such as those with a JP2, JPC, or J2K extension.
User-submitted Plugins
No filters have been submitted at this time.
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