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Pocket Launcher - Download

System Requirements

Memory (Approx.):
  • 150K Storage RAM
  • 500K Program RAM
Supported Platforms:
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Windows Mobile 2003
    (inc. Second Edition)
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC 2000
  • Smartphone
  • Palm-size PC
Example Devices:
  • Asus MyPal A Series
  • Casio E-100/E-105
  • Casio E-115/E-125
  • Casio E-200
  • Compaq Aero 2000
  • Compaq IPAQ 31xx
  • Compaq IPAQ 36xx
  • Compaq IPAQ 37xx
  • Dell Axim
  • Fujitsu Loox
  • HP IPAQ 19xx
  • HP IPAQ 22xx
  • HP IPAQ 38xx
  • HP IPAQ 39xx
  • HP IPAQ 4xxx
  • HP IPAQ 5xxx
  • HP IPAQ hx/rz
  • HP Jornada 420/430
  • HP Jornada 520
  • HP Jornada 540
  • HP Jornada 560
  • JVC MP-PV331
  • Motorola MPX
  • NEC MobilePro P300
  • O2 XDA
  • Orange SPV
  • Pocket PC Phone
  • Toshiba e3xx
  • Toshiba e7xx
  • Toshiba e8xx
  • Toshiba Genio
  • URThere @migo


Download Pocket Launcher

Download the fully-featured commercial demo of Pocket Launcher for evaluation purposes.

NOTE: This evaluation version will timeout in 30 days.

PocketLauncher3.exe (1.9M) - Pocket Launcher 3.2 for Pocket PC

PocketLauncher3SP.exe (1.0M) - Pocket Launcher 3.2 for Smartphone


Pocket Launcher Background Pack - a collection of useful backgrounds for Pocket Launcher

bgpack.zip (35K) - Pocket Launcher background pack

Background Expansion Pack #2 - a huge collection of backgrounds by Jason Dunn

bgpack2.zip (867K) - preview

Bo's Wallpapers - a nice collection of original photography turned into 240x320 backgrounds

Bo's Backgrounds

Installation Instructions

Save the EXE file to a temporary directory and run it with your mobile device connected. Installation will be completely automatic (after agreeing to the end-user licence agreement) and a shortcut will be placed in your Start Menu.

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