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Pocket Watch - Documentation


The most current version of Pocket Watch is 1.251.

Support is done on a limited basis for trial users and full support via email and phone is available to paid customers.

Email support@conduits.com for Pocket Watch support.

User Guide
Pocket Watch is loaded via the Start menu. Upon loading, the main interface of the program is displayed. From top to bottom: home city and date, global map, four cities and their times, and menu bar (including the active clock group selector).

The home city and date abide by whatever is set in the system Clock settings.

The world picture represents daytime and nighttime across the globe. As the equinoxes approach, the curve will become quite straight -- as the solstices approach, it will resemble a sine wave. The curve moves from left to right.

The four cities are selected points of interest where time is tracked -- and there are four panels of these available to the user. By tapping the 1-4 buttons on the menu bar, the different clock groups will be shown.

The city editor allows for the creation and deletion of cities. The Pocket PC comes pre-loaded with over 470 cities in ROM, which Pocket Watch ties into for world information. You are not able to delete these -- but by clicking on the Location button, one may see where on the globe the city is located.

Pocket Watch also provides sunrise and sunset information, via the menu item on the Tools menu. By selecting a city and date, one may find the sunrise, sunset, and daylight hours information pertinent to that locale. Four types of sunrise/sunset are available -- standard sunrise and sunset (when the sun touches the horizon), civil twilight (defined as when the sun is at six degrees below the horizon, when enough light is available for normal social enjoyment), nautical twilight (defined as when the sun is twelve degrees below the horizon, when one may distinguish landmasses from sea), and astronomical twilight (defined as when the sun is eighteen degrees below the horizon, when there is minimal light contribution by the sun).

Pocket Watch is skinnable -- by copying a different world.bmp to the directory where Pocket Watch is installed, one may tap the "reload image" button in the Options screen to load in the new world "skin."

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