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Pocket Watch - Support

Support Information

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The most current version of Pocket Watch is 1.251.

Support is done on a limited basis for trial users and full support via email and phone is available to paid customers.

Email support@conduits.com for Pocket Watch support.

See also Pocket Watch Documentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the exact latitude and longitude for my city?

    Here is a city search engine
    and here is a detailedlatitude/longitude city list.

    Find other links? Email watch@conduits.com.

  • How do I load different skins for Pocket Watch?

    Navigate to \Program Files\Conduits\Pocket Watch\ directory with ActiveSync.

    The world.bmp file should be placed in that directory.

  • Pocket Watch is not displaying the correct times for DST/BST cities and countries. Why?

    Please download version 1.251 from:

    We have fixed the error with the incorrect London/UK time zone values.

  • How do I set my display to 24-hour format?

    Set these preferences in the Regional Settings control panel.

  • Why can't I change any information about a city that I entered?

    The system will not allow changes to non-ROM cities if they are setup in Clock Settings as the Home (or Visiting) City.

    Go to Clock Settings, choose a different Home city, then return to Pocket Watch, change the city as needed, and finally return to Clock Settings and change the Home city back.

  • See more articles on this topic in the Conduits Knowledge Base.

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