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Timekeeper Skins

Right-click and choose "Save Target As..." to save a Timekeeper skin (.TKS) file to your device. After downloading, open up ActiveSync and click "Explore", and drag the TKS file to the device's directory. Then, in Timekeeper, tap Tools->Choose skin to pick the new skin.

Skin Authors! Here's how to make a skin.

Activity files (.TKA) can also be shared. Please submit files for the Timekeeper gallery to timekeeper@conduits.com.

Timekeeper 2 is bundled with 7 skins not pictured here. These skins were developed for Timekeeper 1.X.

Timekeeper Skins

Default Six (Conduits)

Replacement for default
skin for landscape Smartphones.




Ojster (Peter Osterversnik)

Techtimer (Neil Faulkner)



Twenty Timers

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